Christine Guillot

Christine Guillot


Chris Guillot (GEE-oh, with a hard “G”) is the designer of The Merchant Map and founder of Merchant Method, a small business consultancy for retailers and small-batch manufacturers. Her work empowers retailers and makers to craft a dream business and a dream job.

She was named “The New Face of Retail” by bestselling author and entrepreneur Erika Lyremark, and has been featured by Shopify, Vend, and Big Cartel for her work consulting and training creative entrepreneurs and modern merchants.

Over the course of 18 years Chris has led retail and manufacturing businesses of all sizes and stages of business growth to higher levels of revenue and profit by simply connecting the dots between customer behavior and business plans. That is how Merchant Method and The Merchant Map got their start.

You can get in touch with Chris at or visit

Kristen Rask

Kristen RaskKristen Rask has been craft show vending for 20 years, participating in everything from small house shows to large craft shows like UCU, Crafty Bastards, Maker Faire and more. She has also been organizing the Urban Craft Uprising for the past 9 years.

On her off time she enjoys reading books, thrift store shopping, cooking and crafting…obviously. She currently is most interested in making her own clothing.

Kristen Rask has been published 8 times with both F+W Publishing and Becker&Meyer which is a subdivision of Chronicle Books. You can find her books at local booksellers as well as Barnes & Noble, Costco, Sam’s Club, Aldi’s and more.

Lindsey Ross

Lindsey RossA lifelong entrepreneur, Lindsey Ross has been organizing the Urban Craft Uprising for 12 years, and craft show vending for 13. She is also the owner of Yarnia, a custom yarn shop in Portland, which she recently transitioned from a brick & mortar to an online-only business out of her home. She loves finding ways for businesses to run more efficiently, and designing systems to make that happen. She also loves spreadsheets…A LOT.

On her off hours you may catch her biking around town with her husband and a jambox, catching live local bluegrass, clocking her 10,000 steps with her pitbull Tucker, or knitting simultaneously with any other activity that doesn’t require both hands.

Teresa Remple

Teresa RempleA natural entrepreneur with an interest in textiles, Teresa Remple began her first business in 1992. Since then her journey has included many ups & downs and opportunities to grow through experience. Teresa has a love for people and is excited to share what she’s learned about running a craft business.

Molly Rapozo

Molly Rapozo is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with more than 10 years of experience. A long-time Washington resident, she has worked with individuals and families throughout the Seattle area in a variety of settings including community clinics, the YMCA, King County Public Health and Seattle Public Schools. With a background in cultural anthropology, she finds working with people from all walks of life to be an immensely rewarding experience. She is passionate about prevention with her ultimate goal being to help people maintain wellness rather than intervening after their health has been compromised. Molly is currently a coach for biotech start-up Arivale, where she appreciates the ability to combine individual’s scientific and lifestyle data to give her clients the tools and motivation to live a healthier life. Molly received her BA from the University of Washington, followed by an MS in Nutrition and Dietetics from Bastyr University. In her spare time, she enjoys meal planning and cooking; as well as getting outside with her dog, house projects, exploring local cuisine and practicing mindfulness meditation.

Blair Stocker

Blair Stocker

As a former textile and apparel designer, Blair Stocker has been a prolific creative her whole life. Using her keen sense of color and design, she designs modern quilts, quilt patterns, and tools to make the most of your personal design aesthetic under her brand, Wise Craft Handmade. She has two books, Wise Craft: Turning Thrift Store Finds, Fabric Scraps, and Natural Objects into Stuff You Love, and her newest, Wise Craft Quilts: A Guide To Turning Beloved Fabric Into Meaningful Patchwork. Inspired by vintage, forgotten, and collected textiles, she regularly shares her philosophy of “use what you have”, “show your hand in the work”, and “there are no mistakes” approach to teach a variety of quilt-related workshops. These sessions explore traditional sewing techniques and apply them to modern quiltmaking, incorporating concepts such as creative reuse and finding meaning in patchwork. Blair lives in Seattle, Washington and works out of her home studio. You can find more of her work at

Jenn Gallucci

Jenn Gallucci
Jenn is a mother, a maker, and a creativity coach for women and moms. She believes self-care is the foundation from which women’s creativity springs forth. For Jenn, self-care is a creative act in itself that leads to self-love, compassion, and magic.

Lydia Brewer

Lydia started photographing her pet rabbits (there were over 150 of them) at age 8.
She quickly learned that photographing moving objects is difficult.
She earned a commercial (film) photography degree in 2001.
The entire photographic process changed (to digital) in 2002.
Her entire world changed after becoming a mother in 2008.
She started roller skating (for the first time since age 12) in 2012.
She quickly learned that she does not have an athletic bone in her body.
She started photographing roller derby in 2014.
She still knows that photographing moving objects is difficult (but she’s gotten better at it).

Lydia and her husband–Ian, along with their daughter–Rubie, dog–Stella and rabbit–Ziggy live in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle.
She works as a full-time wedding and family photographer.

Chelsea Snow

Chelsea SnowChelsea Snow is an artist, entrepreneur and wannabe self-help guru. When asked the inevitable question “what’s your medium?” she responds that her medium is self. She constructs, deciphers, graphs, writes, doodles, contemplates and dialogues with and about the self, and its relationship to community and culture. Hailing from Boise ID, she co-founded the art gallery/boutique/makerspace Bricolage in 2010, and co-founded the nonprofit Feast Boise in 2012. She holds an MFA in Applied Craft + Design from Oregon College of Art & Craft and currently resides in Portland OR with her family, where she earns her living making small wooden state-shaped objects.

Kim Werker

Kim Werker

Kim Werker is a writer and editor who describes her creative work as being like a camp counsellor for grown-ups. Endlessly curious and rarely afraid to fail miserably, she encourages people – whether crafty or not – to try new things and to make creative exploration a part of their daily lives. She’s sent a weekly email newsletter since 2014, and it has become one of the most important aspects of her business. In 2017, she added a second newsletter into the mix: Action + Craft is a biweekly exploration of craftivism. Kim lives in Vancouver, BC, where she works at a non-profit, reads avidly with her seven-year-old, and is perpetually training to run her first 5K. Find out more about her classes, books and creative adventures at

Jenny MacLeod

Jenny MacLeodJenny MacLeod, aka Jenny Girl Friday, has helped 100+ folks become self-employed and/or build their business in a custom, organic way.  She’s now on a new mission to support every self-employed woman in Seattle…by making the business chores easy and even fun!

Jenny’s newests offerings:  Sidekick Services (tax reminders + how-to articless via email), one-time consults, workshops, and an online business apothecary (in the works).  She also released a book last year, How to Become Self-Employed in Seattle:  A Guidebook, Companion, and Reference.

Jenny lives in Green Lake in a half-finished house, with her husband, Alex—a poly-hobbyist—and two teenagers.  You might spot her driving around town in her VW bus, on her way to Iyengar yoga or happy hour.  She’s never owned a cell-phone and dreams of living in Hawaii part-time.

To learn more, check out or

Yuko Miki

Yuko Miki is an artist/illustrator at Honeyberry Studios in Seattle. She grew up in a small town in Japan surrounded by mountains and rice paddies. Her whimsical and colorful art is inspired by nature, animals, and food. Yuko fell in love with the craft of block printing a few years ago and has been teaching workshops regularly in Seattle. When not working, Yuko enjoys gardening, making pottery, and reading on the couch.

Anna Joyce

Anna Joyce’s design process is intuitive, relaxed, and rooted in the belief that we should live with color and pattern every day. Inspired by shapes in nature, and exciting new color combinations, Joyce’s distinctive projects showcase the beauty of the unexpected and the mark of the artist’s hand. Anna works on her hand dyed textile collection for wardrobe and home and writing craft books from her downtown Portland Oregon studio and store front.

Peter Stocker

Peter StockerThere is brand. There is the physical environment. And then there is the process of uniting story and place. As a brand development specialist, Peter Stocker creates memorable experiences for consumers and patrons interacting with retail, hospitality, and mixed-use environments.

Peter’s unique understanding of every element of the branding and marketing spectrum is informed by his entrepreneurial experience, including his past ownership of a brand design and development business serving global companies like Amazon as well as local neighborhood restaurants and retailers.

In collaboration with MG2 design teams, Peter builds successful projects from the brand side up, ensuring that those intangible qualities that define a brand are integral to — not just added to — an experience.

Peter in three words: Original. Disciplined. Deliberate.