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Small Business Classes

Small Business Classes

In addition to networking and activities that help us connect as a community of makers and business owners, the weekend will be chock full of speaker sessions, small business classes, panel discussions, and roundtables pertaining to topics that are particularly relevant to those of us in the world of craft businesses.


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If you are ready to take a break from the past or the question marks and anxieties of current times, I invite you to join me in this empowering workshop where you get to explore and become tight buds with your future self… A self self that is doing exactly what you want to be doing at this very moment in the future! (yah, think space-time continuum baby) Bring a notebook and a willingness to do some future-trippin!

with Michelle Kline





Live Shopping: How to Turn Viewers Into Buyers




Learn the how-tos of livestream selling, studio tours, and behind-the-scenes videos — even if you’re terrified to show up on camera or that no one will watch. Gain tips on staying organized, interacting with your audience, and tech requirements that will help you make better use of social media selling.

with Chris Guillot





How to Find your Audience




Developing relationships with paying customers is an easy skill to develop, especially for Introverts and the Socially Shy. First, you’ll learn the simplest way to discover more about your social media followers, email subscribers, and other people in your community. Then, you’ll change how you’re approaching social networking to attract your ideal customers.

with Chris Guillot





How to Have Your BREAKTHROUGH Year




Make the decision to have a breakthrough year. Zoom out and take a look at how your business works right now and where you really want to be. Then zoom in with guided journaling to figure out exactly how to get there. In this class, I’ll also share my journey from maker to artist to manufacturer and discuss all things business, marketing and mindset.

with Tiffany Ju





Intro to Shopify: how to set your store up for success


Have you been wanting to build your own Shopify store but are intimidated by where to start? Unsure what comes out-of-the-box with the service, how much customization is required and how you can make the investment worthwhile? We will use this session to walk you through the basics of setting up your own Shopify store, answering some basic questions and getting you going in the right direction for success.

with Lauren Soto


How to build consistent and long term growth on Etsy


This is the perfect session if you’ve thought about starting an Etsy site or created one an never turned it into a tool for your business. Jennifer will share tips she uses to build her online business and standout in a competitive marketplace. Jennifer has doubled her sales on Etsy over the last couple years and she will share how she did it. There are over 39 million people who shop on the Etsy platform and even if you have your own web site, Etsy should be part of your marketing effort.

with Jennifer Ledrick


Instagram Essentials




In this seminar we will go over techniques for promoting your brand through Instagram. The course will be tailored to those very familiar with and already using the platform, but we will briefly cover all aspects of using the app effectively. We will use Forest Ceramic Co. as an example for many of the topics, but will also look at other craft and business accounts for examination.

with Sean Forest Roberts





Build A Creative Toolkit To Empower Your Business and Life

How do you stay tapped into your own energy and inspiration?

What are the things you rely on and regularly lean on to realign, stay inspired, and move forward in your business and life?

We all have consistent practices or rituals in our lives. Often we aren’t aware of them.

In this class we’ll take a look at what you’re already doing, what practices you want to focus on, and how you can use those consistent practices to build your creative business, stay inspired, and find balance in your work and life.

When you’re a creative entrepreneur there is very little distinction between work and life. External life is in constant flux. The elusive work/life balance is really about balancing you.

This is not about judgement, “shoulds” or placing high expectations on your already busy life.

My intention is that you walk away feeling lighter, inspired, and with your very own creative toolkit to apply in your work/life.

with Jenn Gallucci

Sashiko Mending

Learn the basic technique of Sashiko Stitching – a traditional Japanese embroidery technique – to mend something. Sashiko is a really easy running stitch and allows you to move quickly through a project. In Japanese tradition Sashiko is used not only as a decorative stitch but also to perform Boro – the act of mending and patching. In class you’ll learn about both the traditional tools and threads and how to incorporate more contemporary ideas or use thread and needles you might have in your stash. We’ll start by simply practicing on a scrap of fabric with a design you develop and then move onto how to use Sashiko to mend something. We’ll cover 2-3 different strategies to mend. Bring a pair of jeans or shirt or sweater that has a hole that needs repair.

with Lisa Solomon

Record-Keeping for Your Small Business


This class will outline which aspects of your business are the most important to keep track of, and strategies and suggestions for how to incorporate this into your everyday life so that you aren’t slammed with an overwhelming amount of work come tax-time.
We’ll cover why and how to track revenue, expenses (and which are deductible), business miles, home office expenses, and saving receipts. We’ll also have time for Q&A so bring your burning record-keeping questions!

with Lindsey Ross



DIY Business Taxes


In this class we’ll go over the most common tax forms and how to use them (1040, Schedule C, W-2, 1065, and 1099), the importance of estimated taxes and how to file them, the pros and cons of bringing on employees, and how to manage payroll and payroll taxes.

We’ll also have time for Q&A so bring your burning business tax questions!

with Lindsey Ross



So You Want to Publish a Kids’ Book

Do you have a dream of making a book for kids? This could be a picture book, a board book, middle grade, YA or novel- there are many kinds! While many of us have always wanted to get one of these books published, knowing how to make that happen can seem like a bit of a mystery. In this class you will learn what goes into making a book, submitting your work, agents, working with the publisher, navigating the publishing industry, and all the stuff in-between. We’ll focus on how to go the traditional publishing route but will touch on self-publishing to understand which path is right for you. Whether you are a writer, illustrator, or both, if you want to know how to go from idea to published book this class is for you.

with Jessixa Bagley

Open To Buy Planning: Keeping An Eye On The Future

During our time together, we will get into the nitty-gritty of a retailer’s largest asset – their inventory. When it is managed well, it is an indicator that they are providing what is needed and wanted to their customers. When it is managed poorly, it shows that they are not serving their community; and it creates tremendous stress in the life of the retailer. I will show you a way to determine if you are missing opportunities (sales) and how to look at your information to see which parts of the business / inventory is not profitable. Our time together will be spent on using data to propel you forward.

with Audrey Watson

Camp ThunderCraft wouldn’t be nearly as awesome without our generous sponsors! All these wonderful businesses are helping out in some way to make sure the weekend is super fantastic.