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Small Business Classes

Small Business Classes

In addition to networking and activities that help us connect as a community of makers and business owners, the weekend will be chock full of speaker sessions, small business classes, panel discussions, and roundtables pertaining to topics that are particularly relevant to those of us in the world of craft businesses.


This is the class lineup from 2022. We’ll be adding our 2023 classes soon, but these are a good representation of what you can expect to see in 2023!

Join Erin Eggenburg for an information packed, sashiko inspired visible mending for denim workshop. Sashiko, a beautiful style of Japanese mending is the perfect antidote to ripped and threadbare jeans. You’ll learn and practice a beautiful stitching technique for patching, as a hands-on part of this workshop. This is a great class for beginners and seasoned hand stitchers alike with an interest in how mending can be both functional and beautiful.

with Erin Eggenburg

Visible Mending/Visible Darning



Are you having trouble setting goals? Maybe you don’t even know what your goals should be? If you DO, are you having a hard time juggling life, work and what you want to accomplish for yourself? Join Kristen to figure out what your goals are, what obstacles are getting in your way from accomplishing them and learn tools to keep you on track! We will unpack some of your fears, work on setting realistic goals for you and develop a practical schedule that can be individualized for your hectic schedule. Hopefully you will also meet an accountability partner to help you after you leave Camp ThunderCraft. Make those dreams a reality!

with Kristen Rask



Goals & Time Management

This beginner-friendly class will guide you on how to develop a daily art journaling habit. Through gentle prompts and instruction, you’ll learn how to practice basic techniques and discover ways to have fun with the enormously magical media that is watercolors! We will cover essential tools and supplies, but more importantly, we’ll address the common roadblocks to maintaining a creative habit and how to overcome them.

with Sanae Ishida

Watercolor Art Journaling

Merchandising helps you attract someone’s attention and draw them into your space for a closer look. With well-displayed products, you can offer a memorable shopping experience and create additional value for your customers — both loyal and new.

Want to create an appeal that’s all your own? This class will teach you how to combine fixture placement, display pieces, and signage in a thoughtful and achievable way.

In this class, you’ll learn about important set-up decision and see example pictures that will help you:

1. Distribute your booth or pop-up space
2. Choose display pieces that are shoppable
3. Select signage that encourages sales

If you plan to take the “Craft Show Applications” class, consider “Merchandising for Craft Shows & Pop-up Shops” Part 2.

with Chris Guillot

Merchandising for Craft Shows & Pop-up Shops

This class is centered around a few exercises from Lisa’s book [of the same title]. The goal is to touch on serious ideas of Color Theory, but through whimsy and play. Using watercolor you’ll begin to learn about color schemes, paint transparency and opacity, tints and shades, etc. You’ll learn more about how materials and other influences can impact our perceptions of color, and how to develop your own personal relationship to color – particularly through generating a PERSONAL color wheel. We’ll end class with a Color Meditation – a incredibly beneficial practice Lisa has instituted in her own studio for years now.

with Lisa Solomon

A Field Guide To Color

The key to running a profitable product-based business is cash flow. But offering the right products at the right price and operating a sustainable business can be difficult challenges to solve.

Price Your Products Profitability can offer you more financial security and creative freedom by giving you a clear understanding of where profit comes from.

After this focused Merchant Math class, you’ll understand:

1. The mechanics of product-based profit
2. Hidden costs that cut into profits
3. Pricing formula you need to know

“I just wanted to say that the pricing class I took with you last year is still having a tremendous impact on our business – not just in our retail pricing, but as we’ve launched our DIY kit line. ​I feel like I actually have a handle on costs, wholesale pricing, and retail pricing. ​I don’t even know where I’d be if I didn’t have the background from your class!” – Kellie Phelan, The Works Seattle.

with Chris Guillot

Price Your Products Profitably

This class is designed to explore the art of tie dyeing and how it can become like a meditation of a sort. You will get a chance to explore some tie dye techniques while learning the step by step process of taking care of your dye. Come and learn, breathe and create in community!

with Kanda Mbenza-Ngoma

This class has an additional $20 fee for materials


Tie Dye as De-Stressing Therapy



This class is for anyone who is not sure where to take their business or need guidance on how to get their business to the next level. Define where you want to end up and build a roadmap to get you there. Learn about Tiffany Ju’s 9 year path from maker-in-my-apartment-kitchen to growing a seven figure business in 2 years.

with Tiffany Ju




Scale Up your Business, Team and Mindset

Have you ever wanted to embroider your clothing? Join fiber artist Melissa Galbraith of MCreativeJ for a hands-on workshop. Simply bring a garment to embroider and we’ll provide you with playful sample designs (or create your own!), an embroidery hoop, thread, needle, instructions, and stabilizer to help you get started. This workshop is beginner-friendly and no prior embroidery experience is required.

with Melissa Galbraith

This class has an additional $15 materials fee

Embroider Your Clothing

Are you having trouble getting accepted to the shows you’re applying to? Are you intimidated to even apply? Are you just starting to get your feet wet vending at craft shows? Want to be better prepared when you do vend? Want to better understand the psychology behind a successful booth? Look no further, we’ve got you covered! Kristen and Lindsey organize the Urban Craft Uprising, Seattle’s largest indie craft show, and are also longtime vendors themselves. They’ll share with you details about the jury process, what organizers look for in an application, why the craft show scene has become so competitive, and ways you can strategize to make a more competitive application. They’ll also get into the meat of craft show vending — from how to prepare for a big show, to the hidden perks of being a vendor, as well as tips and tricks to keep your stress level down during the big day(s).

with Kristen Rask and Lindsey Ross

craft show vending 101

Do you wonder how that fab artwork ended up in Anthropologie on a set of dishes, who designed those cute journals in your favorite boutique, or how that great pattern ended up on that fancy Chocolate bar wrapper? Do you wish you could understand how to reach the right clients to get your art on every-day product… and how to even begin to think that way? For 20+ years I have been curating & designing licensed products from Greeting Cards to Home Decor & everything in between, and doing so with Artist’s work just like yours. Come let’s demystify the process. It’s just about showing the buyer what they want to see… before they even know it!

with Margo Tantau

Turning Art into Product; steps, tips, trade secrets!


This class will outline which aspects of your business are the most important to keep track of, and strategies and suggestions for how to incorporate this into your everyday life so that you aren’t slammed with an overwhelming amount of work come tax-time.
We’ll cover why and how to track revenue, expenses (and which are deductible), business miles, home office expenses, and saving receipts. We’ll also have time for Q&A so bring your burning record-keeping questions!

with Lindsey Ross



Record-Keeping for Your Small Business

In Intro to E-commerce, we’ll cover the basics of getting a website up and ready for sales. If you are preparing to launch a website, or have one already but aren’t sure how to optimize it (or what that even means), this class will help you figure out what is best for your biz and how to avoid some common mistakes. I’ll talk about the different platforms, integration of shipping/marketing/pos system, design tips, content musts, the basics of SEO, and analytics. We’ll leave time for Q&A so you can ask any Qs about your own sites too!

with Celestial Sipes

Intro to E-commerce



During our time together, we will get into the nitty-gritty of a retailer’s largest asset – their inventory. When it is managed well, it is an indicator that they are providing what is needed and wanted to their customers. When it is managed poorly, it shows that they are not serving their community; and it creates tremendous stress in the life of the retailer. I will show you a way to determine if you are missing opportunities (sales) and how to look at your information to see which parts of the business / inventory is not profitable. Our time together will be spent on using data to propel you forward.

with Audrey Watson





Open To Buy Planning – Keeping An Eye On The Future

From raw materials to finished product – supply chain can be the competitive edge that enables success or the pitfall that creates blockers. This class is designed to be part informative/part workshop to better understand the unique intricacies of supply chain.
with Treena Crisp

Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management
In this class, we bring together all aspects of your business financial life with tips, tools, and strategies to help small business owners manage their money, time, and resources to provide a path for sustainable growth.
Topics we’ll cover include:
• What is a healthy business
• How to measure financial success
• How to plan for sustainable growth
• When to bring in the professional experts
• How to leverage technology to work for you
• How and why to create healthy money habits
• How to manage financial stress
• Planning for the unknown
• When and where to get help
with Domonique Juleon

Money Matters

In my class I will walk students through the basics of crafting a brand personality, and implementing a formula to communicate that personality through strategic content development. My background is in consumer behavior, so I place a large emphasis on the psychology behind creating a brand personality that your audience can bond with, similar to the way we bond with a close friend, great brands form close bonds with their audiences. We will discuss the importance of both defining your brand guidelines (brand identity, voice, assets) and how those guidelines translate into social media. Defining your tone, values, and aesthetic are some of the first steps to creating an intentional communication tool with your social media presence. Finally, we will end with some Instagram best practices: when to post, how often to post, defining your content categories and media preferences. I will share some of the apps and websites I reccommend to streamline your content production and take your quality to the next level!

with Roismaire Rickel

Instagram 101: Communicating your Brand

There is something very special about pouring your blood, sweat and tears into something you are passionate about and seeing it evolve over time. Sip and Ship, grown from the ground up, is not the same business it was 20 years ago. Trials, errors, wins and losses are woven throughout a myriad of unexpected challenges – Sip and Ship is stronger today than ever, thanks to the twists and turns on the rough road of running a brick and mortar retail store in the 21st Century. Sip and Ship owners, Diana and Steve Naramore will host a fireside chat where you’ll learn how to avoid mistakes and identify opportunities to help you build your business with greater clarity and confidence.
with Diana A Naramore and Stephen Naramore

Running A Brick & Mortar Retail Business In The 21st Century

Would you like some advice on how to take better photos? Sign up for a session with Lydia! You can join a small group session with others who have similar product lines or work with her one-on-one. She will discuss ways to improve your product shots using your camera or phone and household items to kick your photos up a notch! With Lydia’s help, you’ll have new techniques for website, application and social media photos. This class will boost your confidence and encourage you to think differently about photography. One-on-one sessions will be 20 minutes long, and small group sessions will be scheduled for 1 hour each.

with Lydia Brewer


We will be exploring how to get started selling your creations and what it takes to find your customers on various platforms including Etsy, Instagram, Pinterest and others. We will further discuss the ups and downsides of these platforms and where you can be most effective with your time.

with Jennifer Ledrick

Effective ways to sell your work online and find customers

Have you ever wanted to share your skills through a workshop? Are you unsure of how to get started? Join Melissa Galbraith of MCreativeJ to learn the ins and outs of teaching both virtual and in-person craft classes. Over the last few years Melissa has taught over 200 hand embroidery workshops for private companies, with maker spaces, and on her website.

This class will cover how to decide what to teach, how to reach out to local maker spaces and set expectations for success, how to promote your classes, how to set your class price and negotiate percentages with workshop partners, and how to plan for your class. This will be a working session, so come with ideas in mind.

with Melissa Galbraith

So you want to teach a workshop?

Camp ThunderCraft wouldn’t be nearly as awesome without our generous sponsors! All these wonderful businesses are helping out in some way to make sure the weekend is super fantastic.