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Alisha Kumar (SHE/HER)

With over 14 years in the marketing industry, Alisha has experience working with some of the world’s most innovative and forward thinking brands, developing out of the box and momentous marketing campaigns that never fail to make a statement. She is passionate about helping businesses take advantage of the latest and greatest digital marketing trends to create a unique footprint with their marketing and has a knack of thinking big picture, while getting down to every detail needed.

Arianne Foulks (she/her)


Hey, everyone, I’m looking forward to meeting you! A bit about me: I live in Seattle, am raising boys, will walk any distance, always have a pile of books I’m reading through, and was once bitten by a baby elephant seal. My design agency, Aeolidia, creates branding and super-effective Shopify sites for creatives. I can answer any ecommerce question. I hope you’ll say hi and we can get to know each other a bit better!




Atenas Morales Aguilar (she/her)

Atenas is a botanical artist passionate about capturing the everlasting beauty of nature and preserving it through her art. She created Scarabajo as a space to share her work, which combines the traditional techniques of botanical printing and natural dyeing, using sustainably sourced materials from the Pacific Northwest and around the world. Each created piece is one-of-a-kind, showcasing the unique patterns, colors, and textures of the natural elements she works with. From delicate prints on fabric to vibrant yarns and textiles, her art brings the splendor of nature to the forefront, encouraging a deeper understanding and connection with the world around us. Her work is not only visually stunning but also meaningful, preserving the natural elements in art form and fostering a sense of respect and love for our planet.

Barbara Henderson (she/her)

Barbara Henderson is a mosaicist with a passion for helping others express themselves through the art of mosaics. She discovered art a little later in life than lots of other people, having been distracted by corporate life, ladder climbing, and the nonsense idea that she wasn’t creative. Now her favorite thing is to watch a student realize their unique ability to produce something personal and meaningful, and to develop their own artistic vision. Her favorite saying is that “Perfection can be purchased at the dollar store. Art and beauty are found in the unique and flawed.” She serves on a variety of boards and committees and lives in Gig Harbor with her husband and far too many dogs and chickens.

Chelsea Snow is an artist, business owner, educator and self-described experimental entrepreneur, living and working in Portland, OR. She is the owner/operator of SnowMade, a wholesale handmade gift company. Chelsea has been making and selling things for as long as she can remember. She received her BA from The Evergreen State College in 1999 and her MFA in Applied Craft + Design in 2017. In between, she raised two children, was in a rock band, owned a boutique and gallery, organized community arts events, drove for Lyft, taught hundreds of people to sew, made thousands of handbags, sold advertising, designed clothing, dabbled in mycology, and lived in France. She is passionate about understanding the role of artists and makers in late-stage disaster capitalism. She enjoys doing crossword puzzles, playing ping pong and mushroom foraging in her spare time.

Chris Guillot (SHE/HER)

I’m Chris Guillot, Founder of Merchant Method and Owner of Meryenda Shop. I want to live in a world with thriving indie retail shops, thoughtfully designed products, and the friendly sounds of merchants chatting with customers.

I’ve had the pleasure of helping over 3,000 product-based business owners without big budgets or large teams as a retail consultant and educator. When I’m not teaching entrepreneurs how to thrive in a challenging market or selling snacks to hungry customers, you can find me cheering on my favorite hockey team (loudly!) and enjoying anything rom-com.

Learn how to build retail profit in simple, achievable steps at MerchantMethod.com.

Domonique Juleon (she/her)

Growing businesses is Domonique’s passion. Her bachelor’s in economics, entrepreneurship-focused MBA, and her fifteen years of experience working within the small business community produce a solid, balanced foundation of academic knowledge and practical experience. Domonique has been with Business Impact NW since 2014 and as the Chief Program Officer, leads the team of business coaches, advisors, trainers, and directors in delivering quality training and advising to diverse small business owners across four states.

Emma Cortes Ellendt (she/her)

Emma is a Seattle Content Creator and the host of the Creative Edition Podcast. She’s started her blog and Instagram in 2014 during her senior year of college. She took content creation full-time in 2020 and left her aerospace career. She loves to take photos, explore new spots in Seattle and other cities, and connect with other creators. She’s also a new mom to Braxton and loves to spend time with her husband Brandon and their Norwegian Elkhound dog named Boone.

Jessica Miles (she/her)

Jessica is a fiber artist and farmer who uses natural dyes to create many different surface design techniques on textiles. She brings her love of the natural world to create start-to-finish slow fashion by growing dye plants, raising sheep, spinning, weaving, and using flowers and leaves to make botanical prints on fabric. She uses these unique textiles to create luxury handbags for her company Heddle & Hide. She loves to share her knowledge with other makers and teach all things fiber arts and natural dyeing. When she’s not brewing up a dye bath for some handspun yarn, you’ll probably find her brewing up a batch of homemade beer.


Kellie Phelan (she/her)

With the woods of New Hampshire as her childhood stomping grounds, Kellie developed an appreciation for the natural world and our connection to it. She spent the first decade of her career working in environmental consulting and now seeks to change the world on a much more local level – by building community, connecting over passions, and sharing skills. Kellie founded The Works in 2018 as place to do just that. Growing from a one-woman pop-up into a brick and mortar location in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, The Works offers hands-on experiences through both in-person classes and DIY Kits.


Kristen is one of the organizers of Urban Craft Uprising, a maker, a baker and a reader. UCU takes up a good chunk of my time but when I’m not clacking away on my computer, I can often be found in my studio crocheting a variety of food items, baking for an occasion or simply because I have an extra tablespoon of lemon juice I simply can’t let go to waste OR reading. My goal for 2023 is to have just as much fun as I work and continue to build on community. I LOVE the maker community and feel so grateful to have landed in a craft show over 25 years ago. I have participated in many craft shows in the country over those years, wrote 8 or 9 craft books and love working with small businesses SO MUCH. Camp is definitely one of my favorite events to plan for all year! When I think of camp I am almost as starry eyed as I am here looking at this amazing dessert. I can’t wait to see you all!

Laura Kiyoi (she/her)
Laura Kiyoi is a creative career coach who specializes in partnering with creatives who want to dive into the scary, yet rewarding waters of entrepreneurship (even if one toe at a time).
Since leaving the corporate shores of mass consumed goods (no more thanks), Laura has built a coaching business around creativity and connection. She coaches through calls and color by creating custom watercolors for her clients that illustrate their creative journeys. She also leads watercolor and feeling workshops to help creatives navigate common entrepreneurial struggles.
Whether you’re battling a decision to leave a 9-5 or treading water with your full time business, Laura will be part of your marina of connection and support. She will advocate for your inherent value and creative purpose so you can finally breathe easy and fully commit to your craft.

lindsey ross (she/her)

A lifelong entrepreneur, Lindsey Ross has been organizing the Urban Craft Uprising for 18 years, and craft show vending for 15. She is also the owner of Yarnia, a custom yarn shop in Portland, which she recently transitioned from a brick & mortar to an online-only business out of her home. She loves finding ways for businesses to run more efficiently, and designing systems to make that happen. She also loves spreadsheets…A LOT. On her off hours you may catch her biking around town with her husband and a jambox, catching live local bluegrass, clocking her 10,000 steps with her pitbull Tucker, or knitting simultaneously with any other activity that doesn’t require both hands.

London Tierney (she/her)

London Tierney is the founder of Particle Goods, an indie fragrance brand based in Seattle, WA. Particle Goods creates fragrances, candles, and incense designed to elevate your space and renew your spirit. Particle is sold through over 100 independent retailers nationwide.

London also teaches candlemaking and screen-printing classes and has created educational content for Brambleberry and The Institute for Art and Olfaction that has been viewed by millions of makers around the world.


LYDIA BREWER (she/her)

Lydia works full-time as a portrait photographer in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle. She lives with her husband, teenage daughter and a wealth of furry family members. She obtained a degree in commercial photography in the 90’s and has done one form of photography or another ever since. Aside from photography, her hobbies mostly involve roller skating, rabbits, holiday decorating, cross-stitch, all things 1960’s era, podcasts and David Bowie. This is her fourth year teaching/attending Camp Thundercraft and she could not be more excited! 

Quynh Nguyen (she/her)
I’m Quynh D. Nguyen. I am the paper artist behind the fine art installations of Pink and Posey. My love of paper flowers led me to founding The Posey Box, the educational branch of my business, and co-founding Paper Talk Podcast where we elevate voices from our community and beyond.
I believe strongly in sharing what I have learned about making paper flowers and being an entrepreneur. Helping others thrive on their journey is incredibly rewarding! Through speaking engagements and online courses, I share what I’ve learned from my education in marketing and finance, as well as the invaluable experience of working as a paper artist for nearly a decade.
If you’re curious to learn more about me, I invite you to read about my life before paper flowers and the profound influence my family has had on shaping my entrepreneurial path. Additionally, you can delve into the story of how my love of paper flowers blossomed into the thriving business it is today.

Sarah Emerson (FROM THE PANTRY) (she/her)

Sarah Emerson is a native Seattleite and lifelong crafter. After learning to knit as a child, she picked it back up in earnest in 2010 — and since then, her fiber art practice has included devising her own knitting patterns, spinning yarn, dyeing with plants, weaving, visible mending, and needle felting. A software product manager by day, she lives in Fremont with her husband and two children. She can often be found on long walks around the neighborhood drinking iced espresso, listening to podcasts, and foraging seasonal flora.





Shannon Borg is an artist, writer, and certified life coach who helps artists and other creative entrepreneurs master their business and transform their mindset so they can confidently share their gifts with the world and create sustainable businesses. Her podcast, The Metaphor Mindset Podcast, offers practical ways to walk the creative path, along with new ways of thinking about the artful life.

Simone McNish (SHE/HER)


Simone McNish is a DEI Consultant and Inclusive Content Strategist. She works with entrepreneurs and organizations to create more inclusive environments through equitable communication and dismantling oppressive systems. She is the mom of 2 young children and resides in Seattle. Simone loves Love Island, a coconut milk matcha, and quality alone time.



Tiffany Savoy (she/her)

Hi, I’m Tiffany!  I’m a licensed Therapist, Educator and ADHD Coach based in Seattle, WA.  My goal is to help lessen life’s pressures and to remind you to care for yourself as much as you care for others.

In my free time I enjoy traveling, watching live music, cooking, paddle boarding and chasing the sunshine.  I am a mom of two teenagers and two dogs, Luna and Hubble, who help me to relax and recharge outside of my work as a therapist, teacher and coach. I am also an avid learner and regularly attend workshops and conferences to stay up-to-date on the latest research and techniques in the field of mental health and ADHD.


Verhanika Willhelm (she/her)

Verhanika Willhelm is an organizational development consultant and executive coach based in Seattle, WA. She supports organizations of all shapes and sizes and people in all corners of the org chart to make workplaces for health and healing. She holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Development and Organizational Psychology, a BA in Theatre Management, and a BS in Psychology. Verhanika is a widow and brings her experience in cancer care, grief, and love into all the work she does to create more well-rounded, supportive organizations. When she’s not acting as a workplace therapist, Verhanika is with her 7 year old son and Lego enthusiast, Ronan, and her partner, or can be found reading, listening to podcasts, seeing live arts performances, or traveling.

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