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Catie Baldridge | WeinRidge Jewelry & Accessories

Business Name: WeinRidge Jewelry & Accessories

Business Website: http://www.WeinRidge.com

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/WeinRidge/

Instagram Handle: @WeinRidge

Etsy Page: http://www.WeinRidge.com

Catherine (Catie) Baldridge
WeinRidge Jewelry & Accessories

My love of making started at a young age with a grandmother who is always crafting and mother who introduced and inspired me into making making lovingly crafted jewelry and accessories. I take much care in the designing and execution of my pieces. My interests in medium vary greatly, and that can bee seen in my work – from wire to hand painted pieces. I have enjoyed the journey launching WeinRidge J&A has provided, and I am excited to progress more in my skills, knowledge, and understating of running a business.

Elevator Pitch: At WeinRidge, the goal is to empower feminine individuals to look and feel beautiful with fun-loving, unique, hand-crafted jewelry & accessories. All pieces are handcrafted with love and quality materials.

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