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Tad Richardson | Sodo Mofo Designs

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Sodo Mofo Designs
Sodo Mofo Designs

After 18 years in the digital advertising industry, I found myself in the perfect position to pursue this passion of mine last fall. That passion is the game of baseball. What has always brought me joy, is sharing the game with others. I’m a native of the Puget Sound and lifelong Washington state resident. My love-affair with baseball began in 1977 when at 6 ½ years old, the Seattle Mariners were born. My deep appreciation for baseball grew into pure geekdom as a boy, with a shoebox-full of baseball cards and a stack of old books full of the history and great characters of the game. As an adult, I’ve shared the joy of the game as a one-time employee of the Mariners and later as a youth coach and Little League board member and volunteer. Having enjoyed the game as a fan, collector, player and a coach, I’ve now turned the game into my artistic muse. The most recent experience of my previous life in digital advertising is the creation and sale of an agency with over $1M in billing. My experience in the industry is long and I have some very unique insights that I would love to share with the group in a discussion on paid advertising and brand-building.

Elevator Pitch: To those that love the game, there’s no greater joy than catching a baseball at a game. Whether it’s a homer from your favorite slugger or a foul ball from the guy on the other team, every game-used baseball is cherished. I rescue these baseballs from a lonely lifetime on collector’s dusty shelves, transform them into wearable baseball history, and share them with real fans of the game.

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