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Angela Dechard | White Rabbit Millinery

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Angela Dechard
White Rabbit Millinery

I am a designer, who majored in Environment Design, which is actually based in architecture and furniture design. I graduated and work in architecture and lighting design. I began a freelance business in 1999. I have been doing home remodeling, custom furniture and lighting design ever since. I moved to Portland from LA 8 years ago. I did a lot of traveling for work, but soon had to let the work go so that I could stay home with my two boys, now 11 & 14. I am ready to get back to doing something creative! I have thought about getting my contractors license, but can’t seem to pull the trigger on it. I know am holding out for something more. I want to be a milliner, professionally. I do many crafts including, knitting, crochet, spinning and collecting object for what could one day be an excursion in fine art. I also have a minor in graphic design, so business identity is second nature. But when it comes to business, especially a craft based one, I am lost!

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