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Nicole Pepper | MODHome Ceramics

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Nicole Pepper
MODHome Ceramics

I’m finally emerging with a ceramic business after graduating with a BFA in ceramics and fiber arts in 1995! After being in the Winter UCU show in 2016, my world has not been the same. I am growing as an artist and business owner, and have found the business side to be just as fun as creating. Social media in our times has made it so much easier to get our work out in the world. I am not sure how Instagram works but retailers are finding me. My wholesale line is going great through ETSY Wholesale. I really like how it organizes my orders and people are able to pay through this means. I hope to gain knowledge about pricing, when to say yes and no to things and managing shows and wholesale.

Elevator Pitch: Handcrafted service wares for home and life. I hope to uplift nature and capture its beauty bringing peace and joy to those who allow themselves to be touched by my work.

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