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Jeana Rushton | The Fox and Stone, Inc.

Business Name: The Fox and Stone, Inc

Business Website: http://www.thefoxandstone.com

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/thefoxandstone

Instagram Handle: @thefoxandstone

Etsy Page: http://www.thefoxandstone.etsy.com

Jeana Rushton
The Fox and Stone, Inc.

I started creating jewelry 10 years ago as a form of art therapy for anxiety and in the eight years following that occasionally picked it up and put it down as needed. After having my first child back in 2012 I started taking the business more seriously as I found myself needing a creative outlet. I started selling regularly at farmers markets on the weekends, before eventually picking up a copy of The Handmade Entrepreneur and realizing that I should try selling online. Two years later, I was drawn in by the beauty of raw crystal jewelry and found my way to electroforming and I haven’t stopped creating or growing the business ever since. I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs so taking my business from hobby to career was a natural progression and the change has been amazing! Now my husband and I both work full-time at home creating jewelry and raising our three kids.

Elevator Pitch: You are unique and beautiful, flawed to perfection and unafraid to stand out from the crowd. You hunt down what you desire, patiently waiting for the peace of mind that comes with knowing you got exactly what you sought without compromising or settling. Your ethos is built around the idea that beauty isn’t found in following a crowd but following your heart. You are worth waiting for and so is your jewelry because it was designed for you, and you alone. I make jewelry for you.

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