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sally galore | frickencute

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sally galore

I have been crafting most my life, but in the last 10 years I have made it a priority, keeping a room just for creativity. I have done a lot of sewing, some book making, and am constantly trying to figure out how to make random cool things I see about the world. I have done a fair amount of craft fairs. In the last three years i have been teaching crafting classes for the local libraries. I also volunteer at P:EAR a local non-profit working with homeless kids doing art projects..

Elevator Pitch: I teach crafting classes for all ages, I am searching for more opportunities to develop my classes. I am also working on a resin jewelry line that I should soon have out in the community. I am very interested in meeting like minded folks to collaborate on a project or business idea with, as I feel that i am more fearless and adventuresome when I am bouncing ideas off another .

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