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Debbie Shaner | BeMused Creations

Business Name: BeMused Creations

Business Website: http://www.bemusedcreations.com

Facebook Page: http://facebook.com/bemused.creations

Instagram Handle: bemusedcreations

Etsy Page: http://etsy.com/shop/bemusedcreations

Debbie Shaner
BeMused Creations

Jewelry designer and artist mainly working in torch and kiln fired enamel nature themed jewelry with a vintage feel.

Elevator Pitch: I love color and I love bringing the colors and shapes of nature into wearable art. I do this by fusing several layers of colored glass enamel powder to the metal substrate at 1500 degrees using a torch or a kiln before I make the components into jewelry. The glass layer give dimension and color that will never fade over time.

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