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Olia Kerzhner | Kiss The Rain

Business Name: Kiss The Rain

Business Website: https://kisstherain.us/

Facebook Page: https://business.facebook.com/KissTheRain.US/

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Etsy Page: https://www.etsy.com/shop/KissTheRainUS

Olia Kerzhner
Kiss The Rain

I’ve been arting and crafting since I was a kid. Pottery, felting, knitting, you name it, I’ve done it. A few years back when it got harder and harder to find decent clothes made of natural fibers, I learned how to sew, how to make patterns, experimented with natural dyeing. It was fun making clothes for myself, but I really wanted to scale the process of making amazing quality clothes for other people, not just for myself and a few friends. So I made the leap — my partner and I started Kiss The Rain, a clothing brand dedicated to natural fibers, clean classic design and outstanding quality for simple every day clothing. I took a 3 months leave of absence from my job, packed my somewhat bewildered dog into the camper van and drove down to LA to meet with fabric mills and to find manufacturing partners. It took a while to find the right folks that had the attention to detail and dedication to quality that we were had, and the whole process was an exciting, rocky and scary adventure. We had a successful Kickstarter in September 2018 for our flagship Vintage Cotton Hoodies, offering 3 colors of women’s zip hoodies, a zip and a pullover men’s. Another rocky few months later we finished our first production order and sent out the hoodies to our Kickstarter supports who loved them. We just opened our own retail website and an Etsy shop. I am finally quitting my job after 22+ years as a software engineer and working on Kiss The Rain full time. It is incredibly terrifying and stressful, to be a complete beginner again after having a long and successful career, but it is also incredibly interesting and liberating.

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