9326 SW Bayview Dr., Vashon, WA 98070

Lauren Rizzo | Budgiegoods

Business Name: Budgiegoods

Business Website: budgiegoods.com 

Instagram Handle: @budgiegoods

Etsy Page: etsy.com/shop/budgiegoods

Bio: In addition to a variety of humans, felines and canines, for a long time my family included a green and yellow parakeet (or budgie, as the Brits call them). Crazy little Clarence overflowed with tuneful exuberance just about every waking moment, and tended to come a little bit unhinged when he got excited about something – exactly how I feel every time I start a new project. I have always loved the moment of running across some pretty or useful object and thinking, “I can make that!” Whether it’s crafted of paper, wood, fabric, yarn, paint, or just about any material that can be worked by hand, if I think I can make it myself, I’m hooked. And even though things almost never turn out exactly how I envision them, I get a wonderful sense of accomplishment every time I complete a project. My heart sings! And that’s what budgiegoods is all about.

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