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Kalindi Kunis | KalindiPaints

Business Name: KalindiPaints

Business Website:  kalindipaints.com

Facebook Page: facebook.com/kalindikunisartwork/

Instagram Handle:  instagram.com/kalindipaints/

Kalindi KunisBio: I have been a creative since I could walk with my passionately creative and activist mother and my builder father, who taught me many things about carpentry and construction. The combination of these two foundations and a family filled with modernists, plus the “magical lenses” I always swore I had on my eyeballs, make the art and design DNA of my whole life. With a love for fine art and design, of course beautiful soft lighting are part of my obsession. I work primarily in acrylic paints and mediums and incorporate mixed media from time to time within my work. Most often I use acrylic poured medium to develop depths and dimensionality within each piece. My art work is inspired by all things organic, and a few things that are not. I have created a line of fine home furnishings, which is still in the development stage. I am looking for more ideas for how I can more commercially monetize my creativity.

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