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Rose Metting | Rose Metting Art

Business Name: Rose Metting Art

Business Website: rosemetting.com

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/rosemettingillustration/

Instagram Handle: @rosemetting

Rose Metting

Bio: I am an illustrator and storyteller who also runs a shop selling prints and stickers (so far.) I also love branching out and creating things with felt, such as puppets! One of my main niches that really elevated my career (financially) in 2020 is house portraits, which started with the 40+ houses of my alma mater, Smith College, and has since expanded to many different personal commissions. I am definitely an artist first, and have been learning the business/accounting side as I go. I’ve been surprised to find that I quite enjoy it. This has been my side hustle for years, and I recently went down to part time at my day job in September. I’ll be taking the leap to full time artisthood in the Spring!

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