9326 SW Bayview Dr., Vashon, WA 98070

Noey Hunt | Second Stitch Clothing

Business Name: Second Stitch Clothing

Business Website: www.secondstitchclothing.com

Facebook Page: facebook.com/secondstitchclothing

Instagram Handle: @secondstitchclothing

Noey Hunt

Bio: I am an east coast transplant to the Seattle area. I’ve lived in 9 states making connections along the way. I love creating, exploring and caregiving (kids, plants, and animals). Sewing is in my veins as I come from a line of seamstresses – grandmother, mother, and aunts. My mother taught me to sew as a kid and it’s been a useful skill my whole life. I am also very sentimental and starting scrapbooking at a young age. Scrapbooking slowly introduced me to color and pattern matching which I have enjoyed combining with my sewing skills. I attend a multi discipline art camp every year that continues to inspire art form to art form crossover. I find that owning a small creative business truly uses the two parts of my brain – the creative side and the math/analytical side.

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