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Sahnya Greenfield | UnraveledHandknits

Website: https://unraveledhandknits.com/

Instagram: @unraveled.handknits

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/unraveledhandknits


Bio: My name is Sahnya (it rhymes with lasagna). I have a yarn addiction. For the good stuff, like merino. My happy place, or one of, is surrounded by yarn and playing with color combinations. I have a degree in art and have always done something creative as a side hustle, somewher along the way, knitting found me and I have been doing seasonal and local shows for years. My focus has been on creating one of a kind knitwear accessories with a focus on color and texture. I also create and sell design patterns. I’ve begun to establish my unique style in my in person shows but am wanting to really dial in a plan to move forward.

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