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Dominique Quinque | Heidi Huckleberry

Website: https://heidihuckleberry.com/

Instagram: @heidihuckleberryworld

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/heidihuckleberryworld


Bio: I’m Dominique Quinque, the creator behind Heidi Huckleberry. We make nature-inspired papercraft kits for unplugged, creative playtime. Our ‘Make a Scene!’ Dioramas are designed for kids aged 5 to 11, to spark boundless creativity in creating 3D miniature worlds using and repurposing materials from hikes, yards, or home, complemented by our charming, illustrated cardstock characters and scene elements. Originally from East Germany, I transitioned from a decade of scientific lab work to pursue my creative passion in 2010. After earning a diploma from the School of Fashion Design in Boston, I settled in Seattle with my family in 2016. Watching my daughter Heidi grow up, I reflected on the impact of consumption on childhood and the environment. Recognizing the need to unplug our kids and reconnect with each other and with nature, I co-founded Heidi Huckleberry with my Sammamish based friend Jacklin Cagnatel, another East German transplant with an educational background and a shared passion for our mission. We so enjoy designing and handcrafting our earth-friendly playsets from scratch for every new season.

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