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Stacia Grabber | Kalliomäki Designs

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Stacia Grabber
Kalliomäki Designs

Born on a Good Friday in the American Midwest, I grew up surrounded by animals, forests, and thunderstorms that split the sky, and learned handcrafting arts and hard work during visits to my grandparent’s farmhouse (the original Kalliomäki) in New England. Their influence and support was a strong guiding factor in my choice to pursue the arts as a profession. After studying illustration and traditional media for two years at a community college, I relocated to New England to continue my higher education. Three years later, I received an illustration certificate from the Rhode Island School of Design. Now at home in the Pacific Northwest, I create illustrations, prints, and mixed-media handiwork infused with the values instilled in me from a young age: the value of quality, a reverent respect for nature, and a healthy mix of humor, grit, and honesty. In my snatches of free time, I write science fiction, grow my collection of pinecones through hikes and woodland kleptomania, and read National Geographic.

Elevator Pitch: A one-woman project combining traditional art forms and values with a passion for nature and a modern mindset into cut-paper and linocut pieces designed to inspire curiosity and kindness everywhere. ​

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