9326 SW Bayview Dr., Vashon, WA 98070

Amy Vallejo | Social Creative Workshops

Business Name:  Social Creative Workshops

Business Website: wearesocialcreative.com

Instagram Handle:  @socialcreativeworkshops

Bio:  I have been engaged in planning functions for over 15 years. I started a wedding & events business, Anticipate, almost 12 years ago and am in my 3 year of business for Social Creative. I am inspired by the beauty around me, and the people that make it. I believe in experiences, and relationship building and see creative endeavors as the means to bring people together face to face. I love to support our city and neighborhoods, and look for opportunities to feature brilliant local makers, creatives, and businesses. When I’m not chasing, driving, or goofing around with my 3 boys, I’m dating my husband of 12 years. My favorite thing is enjoying all the food, restaurant spaces, and cocktails that Seattle has to offer, and then running it off with friends.

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