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Nicolie Simonson | Nic Paper Scissors

Business Name: Nic Paper Scissors

Business Website: https://www.nicpaperscissors.com/

Facebook Page: https://m.facebook.com/NicPaperScissors/

Instagram Handle: @NicPaperScissors

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Nicolie Simonson
Nic Paper Scissors

After growing up on Bainbridge Island, Washington, Nicolie “Nic Paper Scissors” Simonson now lives just outside of Seattle with her family. Her work is completed in a cozy studio just outside her home, where she carefully selects various decorative and fine papers and pieces them together in colorful and bold depictions of unique elements from both nature and life. Aside from fashioning bounties of tiny paper flower petals, grass blades, or rain drops, Nicolie enjoys exercising her extroversion with friends, embarking on cooking and art projects with her kids, or watching terrible TV with her husband.

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